Northwest NEWS

October 14, 2002

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Pipe bomb found near Kenmore school

A groundskeeper working on the Kenmore Junior High football field discovered a small-to-medium-sized pipe bomb around 11:20 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 9.
   The man reported his finding to junior high office personnel, who in turn notified the School Resource Officer and Northshore School District security personnel.
   Kenmore police also responded to the scene.
   King County Sheriff's Office bomb squad investigators and a bomb-sniffing dog were sent to the school, located in the 20300 block of 66th Avenue Northeast.
   The junior high along with Lockwood Elementary, which is a block and a half to the north, were locked down (no unauthorized persons allowed to enter, no students allowed to leave) for one and a half hours while police checked the two campuses, fields and common areas, said school district spokeswoman, Pamela Steele.
   It was determined there was no danger to the students.
   "Everyone remained calm," said Steele. "There was a great deal of respect for the situation. Students took it seriously and cooperated.
   "We are pleased how everyone pulled together to work effectively under what could have been a tragic situation," she said.
   Detectives indicated someone tried to light the bomb at some point, but it did not explode, said Sgt. Dymerski.
   "Had it worked, had anyone been within 15 feet of it when it was ignited, they could have been killed," said Steele. "It was the real thing."
   Police say there were no notes left, no threats.
   They are working to determine who made the device and why it was placed on school grounds.