Northwest NEWS

October 21, 2002

Local News

Police Beat

Compiled by John Price from Woodinville Police records
   Oct. 15: Store security employees in the 14100 block of Woodinville-Duvall Road watched as a man placed a six- pack of beer into his backpack and zipped it up. The man then walked around the store for five minutes before heading for the exit. Store security stopped and confronted the man who admitted he was leaving the store. The suspect was barred from the store for one year.
   Oct. 14: A witness getting gas across the street saw a yellow Oldsmobile Cutlass speeding through the grocery store parking lot in the 14100 block of Woodinville-Duvall Road.
   The car sped through the lot at a high rate of speed with its headlights off. The witness watched as the car squealed around the side of the store, lost control and smashed into a cement wall. Several witnesses ran over to the car, including the owner of the car who had given permission to the teenage girl to drive it. The driver was cited for reckless driving with a pending court date in Northeast District Court.
   Oct. 13: Four males attempted to enter a bar in the 18200 block of 140th Avenue Northeast when the bouncer refused to allow entry due to the fact they were intoxicated. The four men became angry and verbally abusive toward the bouncer.
   They exited the bar and went outside to their truck and proceeded to stand around and drink beer in the parking lot. After a few more beers, one of the men came back into the bar and tried to enter again. The bouncer reiterated that they would not be allowed into the establishment because they were already intoxicated. The man became angry and knocked over a garbage can located outside the door. Employees ordered the man to pick up the garbage and leave, which he did.
   A few minutes later, police driving down 140th Avenue found a man walking in the middle of the street. They contacted the man who was intoxicated and stated that he was on his way back to the bar.
   The man stated that he had been with three of his friends who were also intoxicated and they had kicked him out of the truck.
   Officers gave the suspect a ride back to the bar where bouncers identified him as the suspect who kicked over the garbage. The suspect denied this and again became enraged, this time saying that officers were trying to set him up. He demanded to be released because he didn't deserve this treatment. The suspect was arrested for disorderly conduct.
   Oct. 11: Police responded to a home in the 16600 block of Northeast 195th for a report of property damage. Officers discovered a mailbox apparently destroyed by a pumpkin launched from a moving vehicle. No suspects at this time.
   Sept. 22: In the 14600 block of 145th Street, a man sitting out on his deck smoking a cigarette and reading a book was confronted by his upstairs neighbor. A heated exchange ensued regarding smoking in public areas. The upstairs neighbor returned to his apartment when he noticed more smoke wafting up but this time it had a stronger pungent odor. He looked over his deck to see the downstairs neighbor smoking a big cigar and smiling.
   The upstairs neighbor later told police that after two years of being provoked he couldn't take it any more. The upstairs neighbor filled a large bucket of water and dumped it on the resident below. Police investigated and learned that smoking is not prohibited by management and that the downstairs neighbor was within his rights to smoke on his deck. The upstairs neighbor was charged with Malicious Mischief Third Degree.