Northwest NEWS

October 28, 2002


Letters to the Editor

  Setting the record straight
   Regarding the letter to the editor, "Do we deserve a bus barn too," the writer's humor is quite charming, however he is greatly misinformed on several points that he made in his article. The Snohomish County Planning Commission met on Sept. 24 to hear testimony on issues under the County's annual amendment process for GMA comprehensive plan changes also referred to as "docketing." They only heard testimony and took no action.
   On Oct. 8 the Planning Commission met again to deliberate the many amendments and land use requests as well as public testimony that were before them. The Planning Commission took action on only land use and future land use changes. They took no action on policies including those related to public or institutional uses on land outside of an Urban Growth Area. The Planning Commission met again on Oct. 22 for what became a nine-hour session to hear testimony on new issues and to finish deliberations on the policy issues remaining for docketing. The Planning Commission denied the amendment to allow expansion of Urban Growth Areas for public or institutional uses and exempting such uses from the County's buildable lands criteria including reasonable measures. Hence, the bus barn would still be illegal under the analogy given by the writer.ΚΚΚ
   Corinne R. Hensley
   Snohomish County Planning Commission, District 5