Northwest NEWS

October 28, 2002


"What Does it Take to Get a Job?"

Politician.jpg Moderator for “Meet Your Politicians Night” was King County Councilmember Kathy Lambert. Politicians present for the event included Joe Marine, Toby Nixon, Dave Asher, Laura Ruderman, Elizabeth Bookspan, Jay Inslee. Photo by Lincoln Potter
     by Lincoln Potter
   Special to the Weekly
   U.S. Rep. Jay Inslee (1st Congressional District), Democrat, opened a spirited discussion at the Hollywood Hill Association "Meet your Politicians Night" Oct. 21.
   Hosted by Willows Lodge and chaired by King County Councilmember Kathy Lambert, the meeting drew a capacity crowd which expressed partisan passion on issues ranging from Iraq to local parks.
   Campaign finance, corporate reform and open government were Inslee's focus. He also believed in retaining constitutional curbs on a president's ability to wage war and urged cooperation with the United Nations on controlling Iraq.
   His Republican opponent, Joe Marine from Mukilteo, strongly supports the war resolution on Iraq and feels our constitutional rights could best be protected by increasing border patrols.
   Marine also advocated privatizing a portion of Social Security investments, lowering taxes and curbing wasteful government spending.
   The four State Representative hopefuls for the 45th District were unanimous in their support for Referendum 51.
   Rep. Laura Ruderman (45th District), the Democratic incumbent, has to date knocked on 18,543 doors to speak to voters.
   She stressed her work at reducing traffic, promoting education and women's issues, and her efforts to place consensus over party politics.
   Elizabeth Bookspan (R), Ruderman's opponent, emphasized her opposition to a state income tax and the need to create jobs in Washington. Bookspan, currently completing a masters degree in finance, is a former vendor for Microsoft.
   Rep. Toby Nixon (45th District), appointed to the 45th district by Lambert to take her place when she became a councilmember, raised his concerns about the hole in our state budget and cited the need for fiscal conservatism.
   Nixon and Ruderman co-sponsored a bill to protect students and assist rape victims.
   Nixon's Democratic challenger, Dave Asher, is a retired Army lieutenant colonel and Kirkland City Council member.
   He stressed his commitment to and experience in community issues such as higher education and safer pedestrian access for school children.
   All of the candidates expressed their delight at the standing room only turnout and the active exchange with the audience.
   As he was leaving Asher remarked, "It is wonderful to see the community in action, but it doesn't mean anything if people don't get out and do their part."
   The message from all the candidates: Fill out that absentee ballot, or on Nov. 5 get out and vote!