Northwest NEWS

November 4, 2002


Sense of security and safety has changed

  I moved to Duvall about three years ago from Queen Anne in Seattle.
   I live off of West Snoqualmie Valley Road and have always considered this a very safe area.
   Unfortunately, on Sept. 13 my house was seriously burglarized and the criminals got away with over $70,000 in jewelry and cash. Obviously my perception about the security and my sense of safety has fiercely changed.
   When I spoke with the detective about the burglaries in Duvall, he said he is currently working on 13 other cases with similar MOs. I know that your paper likes to print warm, fuzzy stories about local citizens, however I feel you are doing the community a huge disservice by not bringing to our attention the problems of theft that our community is experiencing.
   When I look at the "Police Beat" section, I am not seeing crimes or burglaries from Duvall, only from Woodinville.
   I can only believe that if I had been given the "opportunity of awareness" that I may not have been victimized and would have installed an alarm system or whatever I deemed as necessary to protect myself from this victimization. I believe that a local publication is a great place to begin.
   It certainly is of no value to me now, however it may prevent someone else from having to endure the loss I am experiencing.
   Cheryl Schmidt, Duvall