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November 4, 2002

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Citizens bring broad range of ideas to visioning meeting

  by Valley View staff
   DUVALL-The Oct. 26 visioning meeting at the Cedarcrest Library was attended by 45-50 citizens who came to offer their suggestions as to how they want their community to evolve over the next 20-plus years. Upon entering the meeting, each marked on a map where they lived. Citizens came from throughout the city and outlying areas, said George Steirer, Duvall assistant planner.
   The Duvall City-Wide Vision Plan will be used to guide future amendments to Duvall's Comprehensive Plan, development regulations and the Oldtown/Riverfront Plan. The Vision Plan will define which features the residents and business community want to maintain, enhance, create or discourage.
   In a summary of the meeting, Steirer said the consultant (Makers Architecture and Urban Design, Inc.) led a group discussion to brainstorm ideas from citizens about what they would like to retain, get rid-of, attract or discourage within the city. Ideas were very broad, ranging from retaining small town character to attracting more industrial development.
   The group then broke into approximately eight small groups, where each looked at examples of residential and commercial developments, and decided what they liked and disliked about the examples.
   The groups then presented their preferences to everyone. Each group also marked on a map, illustrating issues that need to be addressed and things they liked about the city.
   Steirer said the next step will involve the consultant, who will summarize the meeting results and draft alternatives for the Visioning Task Force to look at. Everyone is invited to attend and participate at the Task Force meetings. The next meeting is Nov. 12, 7 p.m. in the Duvall Library Rose Room.
   Once there is general consensus with the alternatives, city planners will hold another public meeting to discuss and select the alternatives.
   A survey will go out with this month's utility bills. The survey is also available on line at Residents can also submit their ideas by calling George Steirer at (425) 788-2779 or e-mail HYPERLINK ""