Northwest NEWS

November 11, 2002


Barn would likely turn into a money pit

I had to do a double take at the digitally enhanced photo in the Oct. 28 issue of The Valley View, and wonder where in the world was this "majestic splendor" of a barn spoken of in the cover story.
   I realized it is none other than the ratty and decrepit yellow eyesore near Big Rock Road and Highway 203.
   While it is easy for Seattle outsiders to pine away and lament about this romantic notion of "saving the barn," reality must intervene.
   To presume that they know what is best for the City of Duvall in spending their limited resources is a misguided notion.
   The City of Duvall budget constraints, the current economic climate and public infrastructures dictate and must prevail where monies in a cash tight budget will be directed.
   A new sewer system is first and foremost for the residents who live in Duvall.
   This poetic nonsense about a "movable feast" is not something that the City of Duvall should fund. Most who currently reside in Duvall do not have "agrarian roots" here and feel no attachment to a run-down eyesore that would turn into a money pit to move, restore, and maintain.
   It would not be feasible to "milk" the City of Duvall for subsidies.Has anyone looked at the structure without rose-colored lenses on and seen the damage to the crumbling beast? Two hundred thousand dollars is a fraction of the true cost of what it would take to do anything with that pile of wood. Obviously, if this cash cow of an idea has been floating around for over 10 years without any takers, the local public interest or monies are not there.
   Perhaps building a new structure based on a similar design would be a more realistic idea in the future, when public monies and local public interest of those who reside in Duvall are truly there.
   Darlene Watanabe, Duvall