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November 11, 2002

Local News

Police Beat

compiled by John Price from Woodinville Police reports
   Nov. 4: A robber walked into a business in the 14200 of Northeast Woodinville-Duvall Road, told the employee he had a gun and demanded all the money. The employee turned and ran out the back. The suspect yelled at the employee to come back. The suspect took money out of the till and ran out to a Honda Civic two-door hatchback.
   Nov. 3: Officers patrolling in the 14200 block of Woodinville-Duvall Road saw a broken window in one of the businesses. Upon investigation, police could see items scattered about the store. Police contacted the owner who will do an inventory to see what exactly was taken. Officer lifted several sets of prints.
   Nov. 1: A man entered a phone store in the 18000 block of Garden Way and purchased a new phone and pre-paid plan. When the employee went into the back to grab a charger the man reached over the counter, picked up her phone, looked around and then stuck it in his pocket. The employee came back out and spent another five minutes finishing the transaction, including asking for the man's driver's license, address and home phone.
   When the man left the store the employee looked around for her phone. She thought she had left it on the front counter. She went into the back and reviewed the surveillance tape. The tape clearly showed the man taking her phone. The employee quickly canceled her service, canceled the suspect's service and called police. Police took custody of the surveillance tape and will contact the suspect.
   Special Mention: Woodinville Police received a grant from local Target Store to purchase car seats for their cruisers. This generous donation will allow officers to safely transport children.
   Update: Det. Wells has completed his investigation of the fatal two-car collision on June 19, 2002, at Northeast 205th and 136th Northeast. The at-fault driver who was speeding and lost control of his vehicle was charged in Juvenile Court with one count of Vehicular Homicide.
   Nov. 5: A woman in the 14200 block of 171st allowed a friend of a friend to stay at her home. The friend asked if she could borrow the car. The woman gave her permission to drive the car for a day, but unfortunately she disappeared with the car. Several days later the woman reported the theft to police. When officers asked the woman why she waited several days to report the stolen car, she told police that she had a warrant out for her arrest and didn't want to go to jail.