Northwest NEWS

November 18, 2002


Vote against Thayer barn is short-sighted

Last week I attended the Duvall City Council meeting. I was there to support some of my favorite people who have been championing one of my favorite causes.
   For 10 years, people who care deeply about the heart and soul of Duvall have been staying alert to the opportunity offered by one of our most enlightened developers - to save, move and utilize the Thayer barn!
   Countless volunteer hours have gone into a combination of planning, dreaming and community rallying so that the opportunity for something wonderful and characteristically "Duvall" would be preserved.
   At last week's council meeting, the majority of its members stated that the need for infrastructure and concrete is of greater priority than the preservation of human softness, creative expression and quality of life.
   What these newer council members do not know is that the infrastructure and concrete needs never go away.
   Thinking that those things will go away shows their lack of experience. Giving up a major cultural opportunity which can be offered at a super-bargain price is short-sighted, to state it as politely as I know how.
   We need to give the nay-sayers on the council the information they need to change their minds.
   We need everyone who supports this project to write to Mayor Becky Nixon, who along with the remainder of the experienced council persons, supports this idea, or to attend the next council meeting on Nov. 26 in the library's Rose Room and voice their wishes.
   We need to turn these new folks on to the "Vision of Duvall."
   Sunny Ruthchild, Duvall