Northwest NEWS

November 18, 2002


Why did candidate have access to list?

If you were among the citizens of the 45th District who received a campaign letter from a Republican candidate, you might wish to ask how your name was obtained. We did and were told it was not from a government list but a private one.
   A member of our household does own a gun. He is not a member of any of the gun rights groups or listed as a campaign contributor. Republicans are against the government having gun registration, afraid such lists might be wrongfully used. Yet somehow their candidate had access to such a list. With the Republican party in control of Congress, is there any difference?
   Perhaps it is foolish to worry about signing this letter, but in the hope that this list hasn't fallen into the hands of someone who'd like to obtain a gun illegally through theft, we would respectfully request our names be withheld.
   Worried About Privacy