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November 18, 2002

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Turkey Carving Tips

After cooking, let the turkey "set" for 15–20 minutes. This allows the meat to firm up, making carving easier. Use a carving fork to hold the meat in place and a sharp carving knife to slice. Always carve the meat across the grain. After the first cut is made, the angle at which the knife is held should never change. Use long, sweeping strokes to ensure smooth, even slices. Decorate the platter with easy garnishes, such as small fruits and vegetables or a bouquet of herbs.
   Carving at the Table
   Carving is a traditional honor done at the table by the host, hostess or another family member or friend. The carver may sit or stand—either is correct. It can be especially memorable to occasionally pass the honor on to a son or daughter who has just turned 18, or to a newly-wed at the table.
   Carving in the Kitchen
   Sometimes, an already carved platter of turkey is preferred and the meat is prepared in the kitchen. Place meat on a large cutting board and carve quickly to make sure the meat arrives on the table to eat hot with the rest of the food. Arrange slices on an attractive platter, garnished with colorful fruits, vegetables or herbs.