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November 18, 2002

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Eat, play games - but no pool - right here in River City

cafe.jpg Photo by Karen Waddington
   Lorna Horiuchi and David Kobzev own and operate the River City Arcade Cafe on Duvall's Main Street.
   by Karen Waddington
   Contributing Writer
   DUVALLŠLorna Horiuchi bought a vacant building on Main Street in Duvall five years ago. It had already been vacant for quite some time, but Horiuchi saw potential, and thought of making it a restaurant. Her father named it and in January 2002, the River City Arcade CafŽ opened and began serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.
   Horiuchi and her husband, David Kobzev, do most of the cooking as well as running the business. With approximately seven employees, mostly high school students, Horiuchi believes in giving kids opportunities.
   "We built this place because there was nothing for kids to do here (in Duvall)," she said. "We wanted to do this for the kids and families."
   They also believe in getting kids involved in other ways. An art student at Cedarcrest High School did the 50s style artwork on the outside of the building and will continue the theme on the inside wall as well.
   Since there was no place in town to get a quick burger, Horiuchi and Kobzev made that the main fare of the restaurant. They buy hamburger and lettuce fresh daily from the Family Grocer in Duvall and serve a quarter-pound burger and a drink for $4.50. "It's less than McDonald's and it's all fresh," says Kobzev.
   During good weather months, customers can choose to sit out front, inside or on the back patio.
   Future plans are to enclose and heat the patio to accommodate more people during winter months. During the summer, local musicians perform weekly out on the patio. Currently, the restaurant can seat 30 out back, 12 in front and about 20 inside. The arcade games make it perfect for kids' birthdays and private parties, with party packages to accommodate customer needs.
   Horiuchi also believes in giving back to the community, contributing to local schools and churches.
   "It's important to support local shops and small businesses that re-circulate dollars into local communities," she says. "Everyone you know comes in and eats here. People honk and wave and call us by name, some we know and some we don't."
   Oddly enough, the restaurant got new customers from the recent Woodinville-Duvall Bridge closure.
   "It forced local people to stay local," said Kobzev. "We also got a number of senior citizens as customers."
   The cafŽ is doing a large take-out business that started while the bridge was closed. Kobzev believes, that because it took people extra time to make it home, they were more willing to stop and get take-out for dinner. Since Kobzev does most of the cooking, he can have take-out ready in 5-10 minutes. They will also do deliveries within the downtown area.
   Other items on the menu are clam chowder made fresh daily, Italia coffee drinks, 60 flavors of shakes and a breakfast meal deal for only $3.99.
   "It's all quality food, fresh and inexpensive," he said.
   River City Arcade CafŽ was just named business of the month by the Duvall Chamber of Commerce and the owners have recently offered to organize next year's Woodstack festival.
   The River City Arcade CafŽ is located on 15720 Main Street NE and can be reached at (425) 844-8342. Hours of operation are Monday - Thursday from 7 a.m.-9 p.m., Friday-Saturday from 7 a.m.-12 a.m. and Sunday from 8 a.m.-9 p.m.