Northwest NEWS

November 25, 2002


Odors invading Valley

Today (Wednesday, Nov. 20) was one of the strongest Stockpot soup odors that I can ever recall. I smelled the strong onion odor when I left for work from our home on 75th Ave. SE in Woodinville, I smelled it in downtown Woodinville when I stopped for coffee and I still smell it when I go outside my office in Redmond (just south of Willows Golf Course).
   There is an obvious strong air inversion going on due to the current climate conditions of low clouds and fog in the a.m. The smell is finally wearing off now that the sun has burned off the fog.
   Today is perhaps the best example of why we cannot allow a major sewage plant to reside in our Sammamish Valley! If there is any hint of an odor, the strong smell of sewage will be much worse than onions and it will hang in the valley - compressed by fog and the air inversion.This air pollution today needs to be documented by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency. We are asking that everyone please take the time to call this agency today to register a complaint if you feel bothered by this odor invasion. It only takes one minute to do so.
   Call Puget Sound Clean Air Agency at 800-552-3565 and press 00 to register the complaint.Perhaps this may cause their inspection agency to do more stringent air studies for the valley and we'll get some good documented technical reference material. It should also mark the exact conditions of the weather pattern today.
   Yuck, my clothes still smell like onions!
   Glen Jones, Woodinville