Northwest NEWS

November 25, 2002


Barn decision goes beyond the 2003 budget

I am writing in support of preserving the Thayer Barn for a Community Arts Center in downtown Duvall.
   We moved to Duvall 17 years ago, because we loved the beauty of the Valley, the small town feel. It felt safe, warm and creative. It was a wonderful place to raise children and to live. My children are grown now, and they have wonderful memories of Duvall. They have a love for a small town rural community, as so many families do that move out here.
   We are grateful that the developer of the site where the barn stands, Newhall Jones, is committed enough to this town to be willing to donate the barn and property for the Community Center to the City of Duvall. The additional request of seed money from the City in the amount of $200,000 to renovate the barn is a negligible amount when measured against the barn's potential to communicate Duvall's commitment to our heritage and community. The weight of this budget item is further diminished when measured against this kind of support from the developer.
   We understand that without this commitment from the City, the arts supporters who are working on behalf of the barn will be seriously compromised when applying for the bulk of the funding for this project because they will not have your support.
   Preserving the Thayer Barn is one of the forks in the road to the future of Duvall which will have repercussions up the Snoqualmie Valley. This decision goes beyond the line item in our 2003 budget, it is a symbol and commitment to the town that drew us all here to begin with.
   Judi Byrne, Duvall