Northwest NEWS

November 25, 2002


What's wrong with rose-colored glasses?

I certainly agree that Duvall has a limited amount of resources, financial and others. And it is certainly critical that monies go to infrastructure, and all the other needs to be satisfied before the "decrepit yellow eyesore" of "poetic nonsense" heads north to "milk the City of Duvall for subsidies." And it is possible that this "cash cow" be funded in other ways.
   But is it wrong for interested parties to put on their rose-colored glasses and dream? I've got mine on (prescription).
   I see a town which through good planning and spending, becomes culturally and financially rich a town with small industry and great shops to fill the city coffers with revenue, where people can enjoy the downtown. I see a place where we have Chautauquas, Arts on Stage, Sandblast and more, and there is a real sense of community. I see a Duvall where new people with like-minded ideas plant their feet, (spend their cash), and grow some "agrarian roots" whatever that means.
   P.S. With one heck of a sewer system.
   Jason E. Theriault, Duvall