Northwest NEWS

November 25, 2002


Woodinville boy meets Bond producer

   Art Saulness and Bond producer Michael G. Wilson discussing Bond.
   Art Saulness, 8, of Woodinville, met with Michael Wilson, the producer of the James Bond movies in California prior to the premier.
   Saulness, who is a Bond fan and dressed as James Bond for Halloween, wore his tuxedo for the meeting and told Wilson that he wants to play James Bond someday.
   "Wilson told my son that the James Bond character is very well educated and if Art wanted to play James Bond he must pursue his education," said Art's mother, Mary Freal. "He also emphasized impeccable manners."
   Curious about what happens to all the things that get blown up and destroyed in the films, Art learned from Wilson that there are warehouses filled with many of the items and some are brought out for displays at museums and special showings.
   Art also asked who thought up all the gadgets in the films, Wilson replied that a lot of people contribute ideas, but it comes from people having a good imagination.
   After their conversation, both agreed that pancakes were their favorite breakfast food. Wilson cooked and he and Art enjoyed pancakes together.
   Art then visited Hollywood where he was mistaken for a star - his picture was taken and he signed autographs.