Northwest NEWS

November 25, 2002

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Cedarcrest volleyball rocks the Valley

   by Stephanie Hern
   Special to the Valley View
   Under the strong guidance of volleyball coaches Christine Hillestad, Desi Polejewski and Julie Henry, a few of the key ideas drilled into each player's heads were no regrets, push yourself, play with heart and simply want it.
   With three All-Kingco volleyball players First team, Megan Townsend; Honorable Mention, Stephanie Hern and Betsy Westermann, the entire Cedarcrest High School volleyball team had great opportunities to succeed. And that is exactly what they did.
   Returners Megan Townsend, Chrissy Byrne and Sarah Hornsby set up a tough offense on the net. Other returners Stephanie Ayers and Karly Regalia put forth a disciplined and fierce defense while maintaining strong stability in hitting.
   Though lacking height, returner Stephanie Hern set up the offense for the Cedarcrest Red Wolves. The four newcomers to CHS volleyball were Brittany Hinzman, Diane McKenney, Kara Russell and Betsy Westermann. All four of these outstanding sophomores helped to lead their team to a successful season.
   During the league tournament, Cedarcrest first defeated Bellevue 15-11 and 15-6. With that victory they pressed on to the second day of leagues.
   On that second day, the Wolves pulled out a fierce triumph over Mt. Si, knocking the Wildcats out of the league tournament and ending their season, while giving the Wolves a ticket to the district tournament. At the district tournament, the Red Wolves initially suffered a tough loss to Mercer Island, but hung in for a deciding match against Nathan Hale, which proved them to be the victors.
   Later that same day of Districts, Cedarcrest played an intense match against the Eastside Catholic Crusaders and took home another win under their belt.
   Earning second day of Districts was the best day for every girl on the team, even though it ended their season with two losses to Newport and Bainbridge, who both ended up headed for state. The main reason that this season felt like such a huge success was because each teammate worked for every point; even those on the bench supported and encouraged their teammates. It wasn't about winning or losing, but simply about playing your heart out, if not for yourself, then for the other girls on the team.