Northwest NEWS

November 25, 2002

Front Page

New Costco could be built in Grace area

by Jeanette Knutson
   Staff Writer
   Apparently Costco Wholesale is contemplating building a new warehouse store in the Woodinville area, this according to a Nov. 21, 2002, Seattle Times Business Section news item.
   However, a call to Costco company headquarters to confirm the story was not returned.
   The popular warehouse club will not be built within City of Woodinville limits, said Communication Coordinator for the city, Marie Stake.
   Commercial Team Leader for Snohomish County's Department of Planning and Development Services Tom Barnett believes Costco may be eyeing a property in the Grace area, just north of Woodinville.
   Though the Seattle Times article stated the permitting process for the Woodinville-area store has begun, what permits have been applied for and which parcel of land is being considered for the discount warehouse is not entirely clear.
   "There have been pre-applications for a variety of businesses interested in locating in the Grace area," said Barnett. "But there have been no formal applications yet."
   According to Barnett, it is not uncommon for a business to do a lot of background work before formally applying for permits.
   "Typically the county calls us to discuss big-impact projects," said Klara Fabry, Washington Department of Transportation (DOT) assistant regional administrator for the Northwest Region.
   Though the state DOT has been notified of an upcoming Costco project, said DOT employee Murchette Delwar, what information the department has on the topic is minimal.
   Delwar did say a report indicated the store would be built at State Route 9, close to the juncture of Mile Post 0.0, at the southernmost end of S.R. 9.
   Costco Chairman Jeff Brotman spoke at a University of Washington business school breakfast last week and discussed a Woodinville-area store then. He said the store could open in mid-2004.
   A Reuters news agency story dated Nov. 22 stated Costco Wholesale intends to open 17 more warehouses in the coming year, 14 in the United States, one in Canada and two more outside North America.
   The Issaquah-based company currently operates 374 stores worldwide, including 290 in the United States.