Northwest NEWS

December 2, 2002


There are already plenty of strip malls and unsightly developments

I support saving the Thayer barn to help retain the rural atmosphere that makes Duvall a unique and interesting destination for many in the Puget Sound area.
   I am a resident of Seattle, but spend a lot of time visiting friends in the Snoqualmie Valley. I love the rural character of the area; it is the primary reason I visit Duvall and Carnation. I walk to the river, ride my bike, support the local arts community and spend money too - at restaurants, coffee shops and retail shops.
   If Duvall becomes just another suburb of Bellevue, I will be less inclined to visit and support Duvall's businesses. I can find plenty of strip malls and unsightly developments in my own Ballard neighborhood.
   Sue Joerger, Seattle