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December 2, 2002

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Obituaries - Scott D. Zillmer

Former Boeing Engineer, Scott Zillmer was honored by Boeing and NASA at Edwards AFB, Calif., on Nov. 13, 2002. Invitations for this special event were extended to his father and mother, David, and Arliss Zillmer, and sisters, Desirel and Leslee Zilmmer.
   Scott accomplished the primary research and design of a new flexible aircraft wing, eliminating the current use of ailerons or spoilers to control aircraft roll maneuvers.
   This flexible wing concept acquired a technical identity as Active Aerolastic Wing (AAW) which was was attached to a Navy F-18 fighter aircraft for test operations. Several years of concentrated effort on this program resulted in the first test flight on Nov. 15, 2002.
   The flight test was of such success that a second test flight was conducted on the same day.
   Unfortunately, Scott fell victim to a heart attack, on April 12, 2002, and did not witness the result of his intense years of effort to this program.
   The invitation to his family at the Dryden Research Division of NASA at Edwards AFB was dedicated to his memory.
   During his years of tenure with the Boeing Co. of Long Beach, CA., Scott was awarded a Technological Fellow in the Boeing Engineer Division. Of an average of 6000 Boeing engineers, less than 200 have been cited in this manner.
   Scott is dearly missed by his family - a person of great talent.
   His father is a resident of the Woodinville area.