Northwest NEWS

December 9, 2002


What do you want to be when you grow up a fireman?
by Karen Waddington
Special to the Valley View

DUVALL — When people asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, was your answer “a firefighter?” Did you dress up as a fire chief for Halloween? After 9-11, did you feel a need to give back to your community? Now may be the time to do something about it.
The Duvall/King County Fire District 45 is currently recruiting volunteer firefighters for their spring 2003 classes. The graduates of this class will be the first group to work out of the new state-of-the-art headquarters facility in Duvall which is slated for completion in late 2003.
Firefighters’ job duties include responding to emergencies as part of a team, using specialized tools and equipment to enter hazardous environments to save lives, protect property, suppress fires and administer first aid.
Firefighters respond to various service calls providing assistance to citizens who are not in life threatening situations such as flooded basements.
Firefighters also respond to motor vehicle accidents, hazardous materials spills, medical calls and many other service related calls.
As one firefighter put it, “Of course, there’s always the thrill of being there when something exciting happens. A lot of us still have that little kid inside us who likes to drive the big trucks and run the sirens and lights!”
The district is expressing a need for more volunteer firefighters, especially in the outer lying areas.
In the future other stations will be added to the district and will need to be manned. Last year Duvall firefighters responded to 883 calls which included medical responses, fires and traffic accidents among others.
“Knowing that I’m equipped to help my friends, neighbors and strangers in their times of emergency and great need is a feeling that I don’t think I could replace in any other way,” said one firefighter. “I am really gratified to be able to help in my community.
Applicants must live within Fire District 45, have a high school diploma or the equivalent, be 21 years old at the age of hire, be able to speak and write the English language, carry United States citizenship, submit to drug testing, have a current Washington State Drivers License and have an excellent driving record.
Anyone interested can pick up an application at the Fire District 45 Headquarters located on Main Street in Duvall next to Jaspers.
The application deadline is Dec. 20. There are also applications available for Emergency Medical Response only as well.
For more information contact Fire Chief John Lambert at Fire District 45 Headquarters at (425) 788-1625.