Northwest NEWS

December 9, 2002


Plant sale brochure available
Snohomish Conservation District has just published their 2003 brochure listing the native plants that are available to pre-order from the annual Conservation Plant Sale.
The sale is held every year at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe. This year, the sale will be held March 7-8. Pre-orders are being accepted now through Feb. 14 with a $25 minimum order. New additions this year include: Pacific yew, Cascade Oregon grape, serviceberry, lupine and two kinds of lilies.
Both the pre-order sale and the general sale are open to the public, park and water districts, homeowners’ associations, gardening clubs and others. Call (425) 335-5634, Ext. 4 or to request a brochure. You may also view the brochure at