Northwest NEWS

December 16, 2002


Vintage Auto Parts sold and reopened in Denver
Todd Gold and Terry Jarvis, new and old owner of Vintage Auto Parts
Vintage Auto Parts, owned by Terry Jarvis and a part of the Woodinville business community since 1960, has been sold to Todd Gold, owner of Streamline Inc. This past week, the business has been relocated to Gold’s 30,000 square foot store in Denver.
Vintage Auto Parts sells parts throughout the USA and to customers in many foreign countries. They specialize in selling new old parts still in the original boxes for antique and older cars.
Thirty semi-trucks moved the millions of parts inventory, counters and memorabilia. As fast as the trucks were loaded, they were on their way to Denver, and the contents immediately barcoded, inventoried and put up on the shelves.
“Streamline Inc. is a one-stop hot rod restoration, parts and service center,” said Gold, who grew up fixing tractors and cars on a ranch outside of Denver. A mechanic since he was16, Gold started his first shop in a gas station in 1998 and expanded quickly. His personal auto is a 1930 Model A, but he also owns 15 other cars dating from 1927 to 1960.
“Todd is very involved in the industry and has an efficient and well-run company,” said Jarvis. “There are only a handful of players in this market and Streamline, Inc. and Vintage Auto Parts are among the top and complementary businesses.”
Gold will continue the name of Vintage Auto Parts, the phone number, Internet site, watts line and maintain the existing customer base.
“The interest in vintage cars and hot rods is growing and cuts across every customer profile,” said Gold. “We serve the average guy rebuilding his car in the garage to the rich and famous who have hired others to rebuild and customize the cars for them.”
“In the last 15 years, old new parts for old cars has become a recognized industry. With the Internet, the business is on fire,” said Jarvis. “In fact, it is the only growing division of the parts business with 99 percent of the independent parts stores going out of business.”
Jarvis, an active community leader and the Mayor of Grace, will keep his office and property on Highway 9.
You can visit Vintage Auto Parts at and Gold’s web site at www.