Northwest NEWS

December 16, 2002


Police Beat

Compiled by John Price from Woodinville Police reports

Dec. 1: Two men approached a woman seated in her car in the 13000 block of Northeast 171st Street. They asked the woman if she could give them a ride to the other side of I-405. When asked why they didn’t just walk over, they responded that they didn’t want to get picked up by the police. The woman then agreed to drive the men to the location but she wanted to clean out her back seat first. She moved her purse to the hood of the car and began cleaning out the back. However when she looked back up, the men were gone and so was her purse. She spent 20 minutes looking around the parking lot for her purse before she called the police. The purse was not located.
Dec. 1: An employee, late for work in the 13900 block of Northeast 178th, parked his car in the far corner of the lot and ran into work. In his rush he left the keys in the ignition and the doors unlocked. When the employee returned to his car around midnight the car was gone. No leads at this time.
Dec. 9: Employees at a bank in the 14000 block of Woodinville-Duvall Road emptied a night deposit box and discovered a note which threatened that a bomb would explode on a future date. The note was turned over to police who submitted it to the lab for fingerprint tests.
Dec. 9: A man driving a Jeep and talking on his cell phone weaved down Northeast 171st. The driver behind him watched as the Jeep swerved side to side. At one point the driver of the Jeep put on his left-turn signal but continued to drive in the right lane. Then the driver turned the signal off and erratically switched into the left lane. At the intersection, both cars pulled up to the light. The two drivers got into a verbal fight. The driver of the Jeep got out of his car and approached. The other driver got out of his car as the yelling continued. Finally the driver of the jeep yelled “That’s it!”
He then got back into the jeep, revved the engine and drove straight into the victim. The Jeep then sped off. Witnesses got the license plate and a good description of the driver. The victim was in the hospital when police arrived and they were unable to get a statement because he was having his chest x-rayed.