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Edition Date: September 20, 2004  


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Staff photo/Ian Gleadle
Created by Woodinville resident Julie Forest, the “Lewis and Clark across Idaho” quilt spotlights elk, evergreens and jewel-eyed salmon. Her work hangs from a canoe paddle carved by husband, Andy.

The greatest adventure story ever sewn

by Bronwyn Wilson
Senior Staff Writer

In 1804, Meriweather Lewis, William Clark and a group of tough young soldiers began an 8,000 mile expedition in the search of a water route to the Pacific Ocean. Determined to map and explore the Louisiana Purchase, the Corps of Discovery traveled by foot, boat, canoe and horseback. Along the way, they encountered mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, sore feet, boils, sunstroke and rheumatism. They were also plagued by illness, flash flooding, angry grizzlies and prickly pear cactus that shredded their moccasins. They were constantly feeling “wet and disagreeable” and survived by eating raw roots, horse, dried salmon, grouse, laxative pills, coyote, crow, candle wax and dogs.

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It takes a village to help a horse

Adam, a handsome Arabian gelding, pulled back when he realized his stable mate, Jenny, wasn’t leaving the barn with him. He had allowed ...

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A Quilt Challenge

Susan Webster, proprietor of the Gathering Fabric Quilt Shop, talks about the unique features of Barbara Warner’s quilt entry, which includes ...

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Mayor Yvonne Funderburg wins visit from C-Span Bus

CARNATION–Last Thursday, the C-SPAN School Bus, a 45-foot television production studio and demonstration center, visited Tolt ...

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County proposes surplus land go to farmers market

On Sept. 17, King County announced a proposal to allow the surplus sale of three parcels of land totaling about 20 acres to the Friends ...

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One-month progress report for Tent City 4

Rev. Paul Forman of the host Northshore United Church of Christ reported the following to the Woodinville City Council on Sept.13:

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