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Edition Date: October 25, 2004  


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Staff photo/Ian Gleadle
Woodinville makes a unique travel destination — touting 17 wineries, a regional brewery, two restaurants where the chefs are James Beard House winners and an internationally-recognized garden store.

Marketing the Woodinville experience

By Bronwyn Wilson
Senior Staff Writer

Last month, a group of travel agents from the United Kingdom scoped Woodinville’s landscape for bears.

They had journeyed to Woodinville to see and experience Wine Country as well as the city’s other sights.

Their plan was to return to England and Wales with firsthand knowledge of the “Woodinville experience” and sell the destination to their travel-seeking customers.

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Picking the perfect pumpkin

Keri and Ragen Kiefer, Kelly and Davis Stryer, and Carmen and Jake Severns were all at South 47 Farm choosing the perfect pumpkin last week. The ...

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Pumpkin patch pals

Hannah and Olivia Reynolds came to South 47 Farm with their mother.

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Demand growing for organic produce

Plump and bright red, the tomatoes call to you in the produce dept. at the supermarket. “I’m perfect, buy me,” they seem to suggest. They look ...

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Growth report suggests CAO not needed

Members of the Metropolitan King County Council hailed the release of the county’s annual Growth Report as proof that stricter land-use laws currently ...

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