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Edition Date: September 17, 2007
Local Crime Watch Report

Compiled by Riley Mizell from police reports

Sept. 6, Carnation: Passed out on road. At least the guy wasn’t driving, but he was on the road, just asleep.

Sept. 7, Duvall: House alarm going off, police find owner in back of house, oblivious.

Sept. 7, Duvall: So, I’m too old to know (or care) what a gram converts to, but I know that 118.8 of any measurement of marijuana is too much. Driver of car probably knows that now, too.

Sept. 7, Duvall: Keys … check. Oops, keys in ignition. Door … check. Ooops, doors locked. Double-oops, ignition is turned on.

Sept. 8, Duvall: Observant homeowner noticed that the screen on a window was cut. Then once inside, she noticed that more had happened.

Sept. 8, Duvall: Man turns himself in. Maybe his guilty conscience got to him?

Sept. 8, Carnation: Dog in truck, owner in bar. Passerby thought police should check on dog. Windows to truck canopy were open so dog was ok.

Sept. 9, Duvall: Text messaging lewd statements is just dumb. Police actually took a photo of the text - including the caller ID.

Sept. 10, Duvall: Three were there. One got arrested. Juveniles with marijuana.

Sept. 10, Duvall: A woman known to store employees was seen taking an item of very small value. But since stealing is stealing, owner asked police to follow up.

Sept. 10, Duvall: A good description was given of the car that was suspiciously stopped at a group of mail boxes, and then drove through the neighborhood. Police will keep an eye out for the car.

Sept. 10, Duvall: Alleged shoplifter woman returned to the store, was confronted, and left. She hid from police who searched for her.