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Edition Date: September 17, 2007
A mother’s plea
A concerned Northshore mom
In their attempt to trim the annual budget, the Transportation Department of Northshore School District has implemented a new program of “central bus stops.” Rather than the bus driving through the neighborhood to pick up our ...


Safety should come first
Another Concerned Northshore Parent
I have to say “THANK YOU” to the Concerned Northshore Parent who wrote in regarding the new bus policies. I second that thought!


Annexation by Bothell would be good for all
Leonard Goodisman
via e-mail
Residents and community groups in south Snohomish County living in the natural extension of the City of Bothell have formed a group to seek annexation to the City of Bothell. They will begin collecting signatures in late September.


Just sounding off
Adelaide W. Loges
I drove out of my cul-de-sac in unincorporated southeast Snohomish County (last week) onto SR 524. (When I tried to) make a turn at 9th, I saw a make-shift “Do not turn left” sign. OK, no left turn, I made a right and then a “U” turn to go left.


State funding is inadequate
Terri J. Stewart
via e-mail
The state of Washington only funds about 85% of what is considered “basic education?” This creates a situation where we are required to pass levies simply to cover the basic needs of our students.


What can be done?
Name withheld by request
I recently thanked a dump truck driver for NOT killing my family as we were stopped in traffic on Novelty Hill. We think his brakes failed him, though he didn’t stick around to explain. In the few weeks since that incident I have seen ...


Why is this drive called Mayors’ Day?
Dawn Rosner
Because unlike other food drives throughout the year in the Puget Sound region, this one is officially proclaimed by the Mayors of 24 King County cities, as well as County Executive Ron Sims and Gov. Christine Gregoire.


Children appreciated backpacks
Linda M. Paz
Executive Director, Matthew House
I want to thank all the people who gave school supplies for Matthew House. The children who came to Matthew House received backpacks and school supplies, as well as all the kids that visited their dads.