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New boardwalk at Woodinville Rotary Community Park to open

File photo/Ian Gleadle

The formal opening of the Rotary Community Park Boardwalk will be celebrated Oct. 6 at 2 p.m.


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Edition Date: September 24, 2007
What? Woodinville will be a large city?
by Jeanette Knutson
Staff Writer

ImageStaff photo/Ian Gleadle
Are small neighborhoods like this in downtown Woodinville part of the 2040 vision?

What’s the vision?

Ivan Miller, a planner for the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC), visited the Woodinville City Council Sept. 18 to walk them through a draft planning document that’s been in the works for several years now. The document, referred to as VISION 2040, pertains to King, Snohomish, Kitsap and Pierce counties and their cities and towns. It presents a regional strategy to accommodate those 1.7 million more people and 1.2 million more jobs expected to be in the region by 2040. The region as a whole, just as any city does, is trying to figure out where to put the growth “while,” as Miller put it, “protecting the environment, our economic prosperity and our overall quality of life.”


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Northshore superintendent loses her battle with cancer
by Deborah Stone
Staff Writer

ImagePhoto courtesy of Northshore School District
Dr. Karen Forys

Last week, Northshore School District employees, students and their parents were notified that Superintendent Karen Forys lost her two-year battle with non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Dr. Forys had been at the helm of the district since 1994 and had seen it through several changes. On her watch, the district enjoyed its highest test scores in spite of consistent budget challenges. And it was Dr. Forys’ foresight that led to the creation of such innovative programs as the Secondary Academy for Success, the Home School Network, the Dual Language program and other choice programs that establish an environment for all students to succeed.


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Hooked on alpacas
by Lisa Allen
Valley View Editor

ImageLisa Allen/staff photo
Don Stanwyck of Jo’s Fleece Fields feeds three friendly alpacas.

Visitors invited to tour local alpaca farms this weekend

Don Stanwyck fell in love with those “cute little faces.”

Linda Lasure wanted something to do in her retirement.

And Carole Hill’s mother talked her into it.

So what do these three have in common? They all raise alpacas. And they will be opening up their farms this weekend so people will have a chance to learn more about the wonderful aspects of those endearing, productive farm animals.


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Duvall’s 6th annual ‘Festival of Color’ quilt show is Sept. 29
by Valley View staff

ImageThis quilt was displayed at last year’s “Festival of Color.”

One thing residents here can seem to count on every September (besides the beginning of school) is the return of the annual outdoor quilt show.

For the last five years, the town has, for one late September day, been draped in bright color as quilts of all sizes, new and old, are displayed up and down Main Street.

Duvall’s 6th annual outdoor quilt show, “A Festival of Color,” will be this Saturday, Sept. 29. The quilts will be displayed from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. A program of locations and events will be available from any of the Quilt Patrol people on Main Street. (They’re the ones with the white gloves.)


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Quilter’s Garden sponsors quilt
by Irvina Russell
Contributing Writer

ImagePhoto courtesy Nikki Gale Photography
Christian at 8 years

Auction to benefit Hydrocephalus Research Guild

Water is a good thing. We need it to live. But too much water can be life-threatening when it builds up inside your brain. Christian has too much water, a condition called hydrocephalus.

That’s a big word for a small boy. In his almost 9 years, he’s had 10 brain surgeries to compensate for the condition caused by a car accident that killed his birth parents. Hydrocephalus is what happens when your body loses the ability to drain the fluid in the brain. The excess water causes pressure, requiring surgeries and the use of shunts and tubes to drain the fluid. It’s the number one reason for brain surgery in children in the United States.


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Pony Boy All Star Big Band creates a sound quilt
by Carolyn Butler

ImageGreg Williamson and the Pony Boy Big Band

Duvall’s annual outdoor quilt show adds a new dimension this year when Greg Williamson and the Pony Boy All Star Big Band show up to create a swinging sound quilt. The Duvall Cultural Commission and King County Site-Specific Performance Network present the big band sounds of fifteen of Seattle’s best jazz musicians on Saturday, September 29.

Against the backdrop of Duvall’s “Festival of Color,” which transforms Main Street into an outdoor gallery for the day, musicians and swing dancers approach from different directions through the streets, dressed in festive attire.


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