Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Basset Bash — and their humans

Annabell, the oldest basset hound, sponsored by Fairwinds Brittany Park. (Courtesy photo)

Waddle (male): Edgrrr Allen Lauri der - Franz Family (Algona)

Waddle (female): Tawnie - Kensie Speed (Kenmore)

Oldest: Annabell (14 yrs old) - Michelle Cornellus (Monroe)

Howl: Abraham - Stacy Winter Storm (Seattle)

Ears (male): Henry (12 inches) - JP Paul (Woodinville)

Ears (female): Jazz (9 7/8 inches) - Jenny Newburger (Pullman)

Trick 1st Place: Henry (play dead) - Janette (Alexa Paul) (Woodinville)

Distance: Jazz, Diego, April, Penny - Jenny Newburger (Pullman)

Foolish Human: Oscar - Michelle Baczkowski (Fife)

Name: Arlow Pancake - Franz Family (Algona)

Weenie Race (6 month - 1 year): Wallace - Monica Campos (Woodinville)

Weenie Race (1 - 7 years): Thumper - Kareen Shuman (Seattle)

Weenie Race (7+ years): Abraham - Stacy Winter Storm (Seattle)

Costume 1st Place: Mojo & Powder Puff Girls - Jenny Newburger (Pullman)

King: Gus - Maureen Quigley (Seattle)

Queen: Annabell - Michelle Cornellus (Monroe)

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