The annual Woodinville Skateboard Challenge is back for its 18th year. 

The longstanding local skateboarding competition will continue in the virtual format established last year in response to the pandemic, according to organizer Pam Miller of Sisters in Action Sports (SAS). 

Competitors may enter by submitting a 1-minute, unedited clip of a run at Woodinville Skatepark by Aug. 29. 

"This event brings everybody back together," Miller said. 

She felt strongly that the event should continue despite the challenges of the last year and a half as a way to connect the skating community, she aid. 

This year, the judges will "take over" city hall for the livestreamed contest, during which judges will watch the clips and announce the winner of each division, Miller said. The event, which viewers may watch on the Sisters in Action YouTube page, will also feature two local graffiti artists: Abigail Folsom and Aaron Lynn. 

The competition is funded by a community grant from the city of Woodinville, which Miller helped obtain years ago when she first became involved. 

She's a lifelong member of the skating community and has been an organizer of several local "action sport" programs and especially advocates for more opportunities for women to participate in them, which is why she founded Sisters in Action Sports. 

SAS hosts the event, but it's open to everyone. The divisions are split into age groups: 10 and under, 11-15, 16-29, 30 and up, and girls of all ages. 

Miller said she appreciates the city allowing the event to take place at city hall, where she first received funding to form the contest. 

"We're going to come into it and bring the contest back into the room that voted on the grant," she said. "I think it's just amazing." 

To enter, submit a clip online at

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