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In response to the struggle she sees customers experiencing while they’re forced to prepare meals during quarantine, Woodinville Chef Anne Marie Schukar is now offering a monthly subscription box system aimed at making it easier for people to cook at home. 

“I just want to help people because I do believe that your kitchen is the heart of your home, whether it’s making a salad while your kids talk to you or putting on some music to decompress from the day and making some nourishment for your body,” Schukar said.

The new Kitchen Competent monthly subscription box launched on Black Friday, Nov. 27. Each box includes kitchen gadgets, recipes, encouraging notes, a surprise gift and access to exclusive online mini-cooking classes released throughout the month. Schukar said each video is only 12- to15-minutes long, so subscribers can choose to watch all at once or one per week.

Customers will also have access to a private community where they can join live chats with Schukar, take part in virtual events, and find support and encouragement.

Schukar said part of this program is focused on learning how to cook without spending loads of money at the grocery store. The other part of the process is figuring out how to make a recipe fit specific likes and needs, she added.

“I have always felt like people would love to cook like I do if they knew what they were doing,” she said. “This whole thing started by wanting to create a community where people that could afford it could help people that couldn't afford it, to learn to cook and to support each other.”

The Kitchen Competent subscriptions start at $45 per month. According to a press release from Chef Anne Marie Eatery & Catering, anyone who subscribes before Dec. 9 will also receive a free “Treat Yourself” holiday box valued at $75. 

By the end of each month, the chef aims for subscribers to have a good grasp on the best cook-at-home techniques as they incorporate their new kitchen tools and recipes. She said her goal is to get everybody “beyond the recipe” to improve confidence in the kitchen without step-by-step instructions.

This subscription will build lifelong cooking skills and techniques that people can utilize long after the pandemic is over, the press release states. The box is ideal for cooks of all levels. 

“I love to teach people,” Schukar said. “I have never met anybody I couldn’t teach something to, even if they’re seasoned cooks. I feel like I can hit any level, but I think everybody needs the basics.”

Schukar said this subscription is not about the ingredients, but rather about learning to use the tools available. In the next couple years, she added, her goal is for subscribers to feel more knowledgeable in general about cooking and being in the kitchen.

“More than ever, everyone is feeling secluded and this is a way to ensure that you don't feel alone in your journey in the kitchen,” she said.

The monthly Kitchen Competent subscription box is just another new pivot in Schukar’s latest effort to help people feel more confident in the kitchen, while continuing to keep her team employed and insured.

More information about these boxes can be found online:  

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Chef Anne Marie Eatery & Catering has seen 90% of all corporate and private clients cancel their events. In response, she started a meals-to-go business model and partnered with the Northshore Schools Foundation to offer fundraising meals for students. Her company continues to provide curbside catering as well. 

With over 20 years of culinary experience, Schukar has cooked for numerous Woodinville wineries, politicians, rock stars, professional athletes, countless brides and charities.

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