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Eastside Media Corp, the news publishing company founded in 2019 that owns the Woodinville Weekly, has acquired OutdoorsNW. 

The popular outdoor recreational magazine has been a regional staple for outdoor enthusiasts for over 30 years. Eastside Media Corp will take ownership of the trademarked brand on June 1. 

The former owner, Price Media, Inc., is a Seattle-based, family-owned business specializing in publishing outdoor recreational magazines and guidebooks. Publisher Carolyn Price, who founded the company in 1988, has more than 45 years of experience in community journalism, including numerous writing and photography awards.

“It was very important for our company to find a media organization that also had deep roots in community journalism,” Price said. “Eastside Media Corp is not only local, but they are also family-owned. They are a great match to carry on our mission of serving our local outdoors community for another generation.”


OutdoorsNW founder Carolyn Price

Carolyn’s brother Greg Price  joined the company in 1994 and brought a level of growth and maturity to the growing brand, which continued into 2020, pre-pandemic. 

“The journey was one of change: the doc-com bubble, the ‘print was dead’ mantra, and competitors coming and going, but perseverance, belief in the product, and an understanding of our customer supported the magazine’s longevity,” Greg said in an email. “Having raised my kids in this outdoor environment, it is time to move on. It’s in good hands.”  

Eastside Media Corp plans to publish its first edition of OutdoorsNW in September 2021. It will continue the glossy, four-color format and distribute over 40,000 copies across Washington and Oregon, with plans to expand into Idaho. The publication, which specializes in coverage of hiking, biking, running, camping, paddling and more, is expected to publish quarterly.

“Bringing the Outdoors NW brand into our publishing group is a real honor,” said Eric LaFontaine, chief executive officer of Eastside Media Corp. “We’re confident this is the missing piece to our publishing puzzle, and it aligns very well with our team, who are all avid outdoor recreationalists.” 

“Readers have COVID fatigue and are ready to get outside," LaFontaine added. “The timing is perfect for us to enter the outdoors and recreational space.”

Adding a quarterly publication was always part of the growth plan, said LaFontaine, whose company acquired the Woodinville Weekly – one of the last surviving periodicals in the region –  in 2019. Eastside Media Corp is on an exciting growth curve, he added, with plans to launch Woodinville Magazine in July.

“When we started our community news organization, we knew the foundation had to be a strong, subscription-based newspaper, leveraged with an annual publication,” LaFontaine said. “Once we started planning Woodinville Magazine, the opportunity for a quarterly publication became a very real thing. And rather than start our own, we acquired an existing, well-established brand in OutdoorsNW.”

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In addition to its print circulation, OutdoorsNW.com reaches thousands of outdoor enthusiasts daily through its website and email newsletter that reaches over 12,500 opt-in readers. 

Gauger Media Service, Inc. a media brokerage and appraisal company in Raymond, Wash., helped broker the deal. Gauger also represented the former owner of The Woodinville Weekly during Eastside Media Corp’s acquisition of the newspaper in 2019.

For further information, contact Eric LaFontaine at eric@nwnews.com or 206-900-5403.

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