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After half a century of service in Bellevue, Golden Steer Choice Meats is opening its second location and bringing its beef to Woodinville.

The family-owned butcher shop is moving into the Hilltop Center in April, bringing with it an old-fashioned model and a long history of knowledge in the meat industry. 

“I look forward to being out in Woodinville,” Owner John Dick said in an interview. “I know that they've been really wanting that meat market out there.” 

As the first expansion project for the company, Dick aims to create the exact same model as the Bellevue location. He said customers at the Woodinville store can expect to find the same selection of meat as well.

Dick said the store will feature a 35 to 40-foot meat display case with a wide range of regular and specialty cuts. Patrons should expect to pick out any steak they want, he added, whether its from the front row or the back row. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, he promises to replace or refund any cut of meat that does not meet expectations. 

Golden Steer Choice Meats was founded by Dick’s parents at the Bellevue location back in 1968. Growing up with four older brothers, making and packaging meat became part of the family dynamic. When each son reached 10 years old, he said, the boy would go to work with dad on a Saturday to make pepperoni and wrap hamburger.

“So, it's kind of all in the family blood,” he said. “But I'm the only son that stuck around with my dad and mom for the long haul.”

Dick said he bought the Bellevue store from his parents when they retired in 2004. Since then, he has continued to sing and dance with customers, create relationships and make people feel comfortable.

“Really, this is my dad's legacy,” he said. “I'm really proud of my parents, and I just always wanted to expand and have a second store and share with people what we do. My business plan is really just to be a neighborhood butcher shop.”

In the over 50 years since its creation, he said, Golden Steer Choice Meat has seen families grow and continue to come back over the years. Dick is hoping to become a staple in town and grow a generational following.

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