The Lennon crane lifts a decorated tree inside a 10-by-10-foot star for 522 commuters to see. 

Hoisted from a crane nearly 120 feet in the air, a decorated tree hangs within a locally manufactured star and shines brightly for those traveling on both State Route 522 and Highway 2.

Lennon Crane, a family-owned crane company since 1975, resurrected this tradition after a two-decade lull. 

Originally based in Woodinville, the company would raise a star along SR 522 for commuters to enjoy during the holidays. Gordon Lennon, owner and president of Lennon Crane, used to hang the Christmas star every December for about 15 years before the company moved to Monroe in the mid-1990s. 

“It was his way of giving a little back to the community and getting people to smile at night when driving along 522,” said Scott Lennon, his son and vice president of the company.

Scott Lennon said the first Christmas star was lost in the move to Monroe. So, several years ago, he had a new 10-by-10-foot version fabricated to surprise his father, who was in need of some holiday cheer while dealing with health issues. Last year was the first time bringing back the tradition, he noted.

“If we can have some fun and inspire people, then we’re doing our job,” he said. “Sometimes the smallest glimmer of hope and a positive smile can go a long way.”

The lighted star serves as a landmark for travelers and children, he added, and something to look forward to when driving into town. 

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