Local family-owned business Paint and Party plans to close its doors, move and reopen them in time to host youth art camps in the summer.

The art studio, currently located in the Downtown District of Woodinville, is moving to Maltby at the end of May. Owner Lisa Nielsen said she couldn’t afford to renew another five-year lease, especially after being closed and still paying rent for the last year and a half. She was at risk of closing the business altogether, she added. 

“The people in Woodinville have been very warm and welcoming, and we've really enjoyed being there,” she said. “It's going to be hard to leave just because the people are so great, and we will miss the customers. We hope they follow us to our new space.”

Nielsen said the last day of business was Sunday, May 2. The remainder of the month will be spent moving into the new Maltby location, she noted, with plans to reopen at the beginning of June. 

She is excited for the ability to stay open during such an uncertain time. Nielsen said she wants the community to know the art studio is not leaving Woodinville for any reason other than affordability. 

A few things will look different at the new location, she hinted, starting with the addition of a little retail area. Even though the space is smaller, she intends to offer the same programs as before. She said fewer tables will be set up, allowing more space for parties. 

The party space will double as a craft room for drop-ins, she noted, which is new. Nielsen hopes people will consider stopping by before or after a meal at the nearby Maltby Cafe. 

Pending COVID-19 guidelines, the studio is going to continue with camps, classes, birthday parties and other group events. Nielsen said group activities may stop temporarily if King County is rolled back to Phase 2 on the Healthy Washington – Roadmap to Recovery. 

“In our small space, we will keep our camps very small,” she said. “We have plastic up in-between the tables. We have everything spaced. If we're allowed to do camp, we will follow all the rules and we'll be as cautious as we possibly can in the space.”

Summer camps at Paint and Party focus on two separate aspects of art: pottery and glass fusion. Nielsen said her staff typically guides school-aged children through half-day or full-day camps. Campers complete two projects each half day; one of them features pottery painting and the other rotates between mosaics, canvas painting and glass fusion.

Paint Your Own Pottery is a project popular not only among campers, but also walk-in customers of all ages. The art studio provides a wide selection of ceramic product including animals, planters/pots, automobiles, statues, cups, bowls, plates, tea sets, dragons, monsters, etc. Paint accessories and tools, ranging from stamps to silk screens, are also available. 

At both camps and classes, a large collection of fusible glass products are offered in varying colors and designs. Glass products include jewelry pieces, ornaments, sun catchers, sushi bowls, coasters, business card holders, spoon rests, rectangular plates, picture frames, glass bugs and more. 

For younger artists, smooth-edged glass products are available. However, parental assistance is required for children working on glass projects. 

According to Nielsen, the schedule for summer camps in 2021 has not yet been released. She plans to announce dates within the next few weeks as Gov. Jay Inslee announces updates to reopening guidelines. 

For more information on Paint and Party, visit www.paintandpartycrafts.com. 

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