Mercurys Coffee Co. is constructing a 450-square foot building with two drive-thru lanes in the Cut Shop parking lot on the edge of downtown Woodinville.

Assistant to the City Manager Kevin O’Neill said the city issued construction permits in late June, although he does not know when the coffee shop plans on opening.

“They don’t actually have drive-thru windows,” O’Neill said. “Instead, they have drive-thru lanes where you order your coffee and they bring it to your car while you wait.” 

Mercurys Coffee was originally founded in Woodinville by Morgan Harris in 1998, according to its website. Over the years, the company has expanded to eight Eastside locations with about 140 staff members.

O’Neill said this new location is also the site of the first Mercurys Coffee, originally called Mercurys Madness Espresso, in 1998. The location initially closed in 2016 despite a decade-long agreement between Harris and Hal Larson, the late owner of McCorry’s on the Slough, to continue operating and eventually purchase the property from the estate.

According to a Facebook announcement from the company in 2016, Harris was forced to close the location after continued efforts to remedy the situation with the new property owner. 

Kimberly Ellertson, executive director for Woodinville’s Chamber of Commerce, said Mercurys Coffee is not a member of the local business organization. 

“The Woodinville Chamber is thrilled to see Mercurys Coffee opening a new location on the edge of downtown Woodinville, near the Cut Shop,” Ellertson said. “We love to support small businesses in our community and wish Mercury’s great success.”

Mercurys Coffee also has two other sites located in Woodinville. The coffee shop along Woodinville-Duvall Road opened in 2009, followed by another inside the Haggen Grocery in 2014.

Mercurys Coffee did not respond to several requests for comment. 

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