In an effort to keep people engaged during the ongoing pandemic, the Northshore Senior Center recently launched quarterly subscription boxes with themed activities for seniors to stay connected and active.

The Senior Center in a Box program consists of several options for interested participants, ranging from relaxation to artwork. These boxes will include all of the necessary materials, step-by-step instructions, along with a way to connect and engage with others who purchased the same box that quarter.

“We realize that not having the senior center open to in-person programming over the past year to come into has been difficult,” a newsletter from the senior center said. “Even once we do reopen to in-person programming, we realize that many may still not feel comfortable walking through our doors quite yet.”

Each box is great for all abilities and skill levels. Second quarter themes include:

A box for the aspiring artist…

• Get ready for spring with an acrylic canvas painting. The step-by-step painting tutorial will guide participants through the steps on how to paint a gray pathway between spring trees and a glowing yellow sunset. 

A box for the bookworm…

• People who regularly read books tend to be more empathetic, healthy, productive and smart. The genre of this quarter’s subscription box is mystery, thriller and suspense.

A box for the foodies…

• This is a gift that keep giving. This box is ideal for anyone who loves to cook or wants to learn. A cooking themed gift basket on how to cook or bake can be equal parts challenging and exciting. 

A box for relaxation…

• It’s now more important than ever to take time to relax, pause, unwind and prioritize health, happiness and overall well-being. This subscription box is known to bring peace of mind, and a much-needed reminder to slow down and stay present.

To purchase a subscription box, go online to or call (425) 487-2441.

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