October 1981

Record Rainfall Floods Woodinville

The record 3.5 inches of rain that fell in the area last Monday and Tuesday left parts of Woodinville under water, wreaked havoc in basements, and broke drain pipes. Four to five feet of standing water under the railroad overpass at the entrance to Woodinville made passage impossible. Three inches of water covered the floor of the Woodinville Chamber of Commerce offices.

Cable Picture Brightens for Woodinville

After waiting fifteen years on the vagaries of economic feasibility, cable TV is set to beam into its first Woodinville homes during late November or early December. Viacom Cablevision’s installation costs $25 plus a monthly fee $8.95 which buys access to 15 channels.

October 1991

Flames in a Field

Horses grazing in the field as well as people driving along the Woodinville-Duvall Road may have wondered about a column of flame coming from the woods last week. But it was just a test. SamDick Industries of Seattle was testing a propane vaporizing machine.

Carlberg House Landmark Designation Appealed

The owner of the Carlberg House in Woodinville says it has deteriorated too badly to restore and wants the historic landmark designation removed. The land in question was settled in the late 1800s by Swedish immigrant Andrew Anderson, who gave the property to his daughter, Julia, in 1887. Julia was the wife of John August Carlberg, and their son Elmer lived on the farm periodically. He died at age 93 in 1984. The landmark designation was based on the home being the oldest example of a Western farmhouse in the area. [Note: the house was demolished in 1992.]

October 2001

Cost Plus Opens New Store in Woodinville

Cost Plus World Market was founded in 1958 by a San Francisco businessman who blended his passions for travel and retail. He started his business with shiploads of wicker items he found in trips throughout Asia. Woodinville was selected because of its well-educated population, strong number of household incomes above $50,000, and a high number of women 25 to 55 years old.

When the Salmon Come Back to Woodinville

All at once, eight people lean over the railing of a wooden bridge built over Cottage Lake Creek. They all wear funny paper sunglasses like the type worn back in the 50’s for special 3-D effects in horror movies. The polarized glasses help cut down the water’s glare as these volunteers participate in a county-wide salmon count. From October through December of 2000, volunteers counted 50 Chinook and 397 Sockeye at this site.

October 2011

Quilt Tells the Story of Woodinville

Helen McMahon (1923-2014) documented her early memories in a coloring book. The book was the inspiration for the Coloring Book Quilt. Fourteen local quilters turned Helen’s drawings into quilt squares; the project was sponsored by the Gathering Fabric Quilt Shop. [Note: the quilt is on display at the Woodinville Heritage Museum and the original coloring books can still be purchased.]

Fourth Annual Woodinville Women’s Show

The YMCA at the Carol Edwards Center will host the annual Woodinville Women’s Show on Nov. 5th from 10am-3pm; $5 admission. The day includes goodie bags for the first 100 guests, product samples, shopping, food fun, on-site childcare, and the 2012 Firefighter Calendar models.

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