April 1982

Part of Woodinville’s History is Alive and Growing

The linden tree in Woodinville has witnessed more than a century of change from its spot by the fence near Molbak’s Nursery. The property was originally homesteaded by Mr. Calkin in the 1870’s and the linden tree is thought to have been planted about 1879, while Calkin owned the land. 

[And it is still there on 175th Street]

The Easter Bunny Hopped into Woodinville

Spring sunshine lit up Woodinville Saturday, making it a perfect outing for the numerous youngsters who took part in the community’s Easter events. The Easter Bunny came out to add to the frolic of the Woodinville Lions Club Egg Hunt at the Red Wood Athletic Club grounds, where more than 400 children took part. 

Park-and-Pool Lot Under Construction

The entrance to Woodinville is undergoing some visible changes as the State Department of Transportation proceeds with construction of a 20-car Park-and-Pool lot near the offramp of SR 522 (next to Dairy Queen). 

The $10,000 facility is expected to be finished by the end of April, after which King County will take over maintenance. 

[Current city staff looked back at some historical aerials for the area but found nothing. Could it have been an April Fools’ joke?]

April 1992

L.A. in the Woodis: CBS Films “Movie of the Week” in Woodinville

As the rain begins a steady drizzle, crew members pull up hoods and a director yells for an umbrella. An actor begins his walk around the house, the camera rolls and a worker apparently needing more Hollywoodish rain than the sky is providing uses a lawn sprayer to make rain. 

Welcome to the movies. All last week CBS used a log house off the Woodinville-Duvall Road as the site for filming “With a Vengeance,” a TV Movie of the Week. 

What was two weeks ago a family’s home in the woods has now been changed into an abandoned house. Greenspeople wound lengths of ivy around stair rails while workers added moss and tossed loose shingles on the roof. Aged boards went up across windows. Two crew members replaced the front door frame with rotted boards. Porch rails have been loosened and laid askew and a young woman with a fan-type device blew fine cobwebs in random places. Workers scattered dry leaves over the walkways and porches. Even the hanging plants on the porch were replaced with dead ones.

The house will be restored to its original condition when the filming is over

Dinner Train Plans Inaugural Run

The Spirit of Washington Dinner Train will begin operation from Renton to Chateau Ste. Michelle May 3. The 3 ½ hour, 44-mile round-trip excursion will feature a gourmet three-course dinner plus Northwest wines and beers, and an hour’s stop at Chateau Ste. Michelle where guests can visit the wine-tasting room or gift shop, tour the winery or stroll the gardens. The cost is $55.

Woodinville Landscape on Cover of “Better Homes and Gardens”

The salmon and white annuals and perennials surrounding the Goodman yard at the The Farm on Hollywood Hill are blooming on the cover of the May issue of “Better Homes and Gardens,” thanks to Woodinville landscape architect Keren Steeb. 

Steeb designed the yard to resemble a turn-of-the-century Scandinavian garden. Mary and Harlan Goodman implemented the design Steeb created.

April 2002

Molbak’s To Sell Seattle Store

According to a press release issued by the company, Molbak’s has decided to focus it attention squarely on its Woodinville nursery and garden center. The company will sell its 5,000-square-foot retail store located in the heart of Seattle’s Pike Place Market.

City Studies Seismic Upgrades for Historic Woodinville Building

The old Woodinville school building has had a long-life history. Though this article is not meant to be an obituary for the “old girl,” decisions concerning the building’s future will be made in the coming weeks and months. 

At question is the seismic integrity of the structure. A series of earthquakes (1949-7.1 on the Richter scale, 1965-6.5, and 2001-6.8) have taken their toll. There will likely be a notice to vacate at least a portion of the occupied space in the building. 

[Four weeks later, the Woodinville Parks and Rec and Chamber of Commerce were relocated to the former C.O Sorenson School.]

Seto Women Bring Gifts of Friendship

Woodinville’s “Passport to the World” celebration, held in conjunction with Celebrate Woodinville, invited the community to experience various cultures from several countries including Russia, China and Japan. 

Nine women from Seto, Japan traveled to Woodinville to share traditional Japanese arts. They demonstrated calligraphy, flower arranging, origami and a tea ceremony. 

There has been a proposal to both city councils that the two cities become sister cities.

April 2012

Woodinville Celebrates

Among the many events featured at Celebrate Woodinville, the Woodinville Fire and Rescue pancake breakfast was a favorite destination on the wet and cold day.

Homeward Pet celebrates 22 Years, 20,000th Adoption

The Woodinville-based organization, which was founded in 1990 under the name “Hooterville Pet Safehaus,” began with simple goals: save and find homes for cats and dogs, while educating the public about the importance of spaying and neutering pets. 

Each year, Homeward Pet helps over 1,300 cats and dogs that have been surrendered by their owners or rescued from shelters and euthanize find their forever home. Currently the organization does about 20-35 adoptions per week

[Adoptions are now by appointment only.]

New Staff Members to Support Sustainable Mission at 21 Acres

Sustainable issues are gaining traction in the media these days. Here in Woodinville, community members are excited about the opportunity to learn new ways of growing, eating and living their lives to minimize the impact on the Earth. 

The 21 Acres Center for Local Food and Sustainable Living is expanding programming, hiring more staff, and opening the new 21 Acres Market in May in order to provide year-round fresh foods.

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