Bingo put on her fanciest and most festive boa to try and catch your eye – and there’s no way it didn’t work! Bingo is one fashionable feline. This 10-year-old tabby loves to dress up and strut around on her very own catwalk, whether it’s the window sill, sofa or just down the hallway. And besides being trendy and chic in her accessories, she’s dashing on the inside, too! Bingo is friendly, affectionate and confident. She’s ready to add her amazing personality to your family. Bingo doesn’t want to compete for her human’s attention, so she would do best as the only cat in her new home. She lived with dogs before and did well, as long as they gave her plenty of space. Any kids in the home should be old enough to handle her gently. If your home could use a lot of love, with a side of style, and a dash of spunk, send in an adoption application for Bingo today! 

Homeward Pet is located at 13132 NE 177th Place in Woodinville and is currently doing adoptions by appointment only. Please see our website for more information

Bella and Betty Boop

Bella and Betty Boop 

Talk about happy! Bella and Betty Boop may be the jolliest pups you will ever meet. The smiles, tail wags and play bows never stop. 

Bella and Betty Boop are a bonded pair of lab mixes around 5 years old and still full of that puppy pep.

 These two are looking for a family that is active and ready to give them loads of daily play and exercise. Tennis balls and stuffed toys are the favorites for these two girls, but any toy and any activity will do! 

Bella and Betty Boop are looking for a home without any cats or small animals, but have a good history with other dogs. If you’re ready to welcome double the love and fun in your home, send in an adoption application today!


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