Woodinville is home to an abundance of dog-friendly wineries and breweries. However, only one facility in town allows dogs to roam freely off-leash.

Ales and Tails, located at the northern end of Woodinville, marks the first indoor dog park and taproom on the Eastside. The new beer-related venture was recently launched by co-owners Kevin King and Taz Logan.

“I've wanted to open this place for about 10 years,” Logan said. “This was always the goal.”

Logan, a longtime canine behaviorist, said she envisioned a place for humans to grab a beer and dogs to “get their wiggles out.” The facility also offers grooming, doggy day care, group training classes and private lessons to teach people “how to speak dog,” she said. She also leads a show dog handling class and a six-week puppy socialization course.

The new taproom is an offshoot of Good Brewing Company, which is owned by King. His original brewpub is located just across the alley and offers additional beer options as well as a full menu. Logan said people can order food from next door to be delivered to the dog park.

Ales and Tails has 16 beers constantly rotating on tap. Logan said she orders them from all over the world. The taproom also sells ciders, seltzers, wines and non-alcoholic options. She hopes to add wine on tap in the near future. 

Logan, who worked locally prior to this venture, said she got to talking with King one day about this concept after stopping for a drink at the Good Brewing brewpub. King said he had first dibs if any nearby buildings opened up. When one business finally vacated the industrial area last summer, he called Logan to get started.

The taproom and dog park officially opened in December 2020. The duo wants to open a second location in the near future, Logan said, although hopefully one with more outdoor space.

In order to visit the indoor park, dog owners must create a customer profile online with their pup’s up-to-date vaccination records. Using the website, people can also sign up for doggy daycare, grooming and classes.

“Your dog is your responsibility when you're here,” she said.

Humans must pick up after their own animals. The facility has sanitized cleaning supplies for use as well as doggie bags. Logan said Ales and Tails wants to reduce any sick dogs.

The indoor area includes two separate off-leash areas and a covered outdoor area. She said dogs are sometimes separated by size and temperament. Tunnel and agility equipment are constantly changing, she added. Additionally, the park goes through about 20 tennis balls each week.

The facility has several memberships available, including annual and monthly options. With the lifetime membership, dogs have access to unlimited park play and discounts as well as a custom tap handle with the dog’s name and silhouette on display.

King’s dog, named Jackson, was the inspiration for the Ales and Tails logo. Logan also has several dogs, which she often brings with her to work. 

Minerva, who is named after Professor McGonagall in Harry Potter, is her 2-and-half-year-old Chinook. Fawkes, a Beauceron, is only four months old and goes by the name Fawkes. He is named after Dumbledore’s phoenix. Both dogs are trained to respond to wizard spells such as “Leviosa.” Logan also has a 9-month-old Chinese Crested Powderpuff called Gryffin, which is short for Gryffindor.

Logan said she first started fostering dogs about eight or nine years ago. She was doing a lot of rehabilitation for dogs with obedience issues, she said, and then teaching the owners how to handle those behaviors. She is excited to bring this skillset to the dogs at Ales and Tails, she said.

Now with a facility of her own, Logan is excited to combine her two favorite things: pubs and pups. 

To learn more about Ales and Tails, visit www.goodalesandtails.com. 

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Ales and tails is the best. Go Taz!

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