How is COVID impacting student learning? 

Reading progress is okay, math is not.

NWEA, a non-profit that has been tracking the impact of COVID-19 on student learning rates, reported that COVID-19 has impacted elementary and middle school students most dramatically in math.

Why is math progress suffering?

Researchers cite the sequential nature of math, where one year’s skills, or deficits, carry over into the next year. It is expected the impact of COVID on math will not be solved by returning to school.

What about your child?

Every child is different and their impact from the COVID-learning environment will be as individual as their personalities. However, the sequential nature of math makes it likely that COVID had a negative effect in this subject area.

A few suggestions to help navigate math during COVID.

1. Get an individual learning assessment  

A high-quality tutoring service can test your child to provide insight into how he or she is performing relative to the expected grade level. A quality service will also use the assessment to build a customized learning program to help your child offset any learning loss.

2. Hire a math tutor that can create and deliver individualized instruction

Traditional tutoring where a math teacher helps with current homework probably won't help with this situation. If your child is gifted, the reduced curriculum during COVID is their issue. If your child didn't adapt well to online learning, their learning gaps will look very different. Your child most likely will need personalized curriculum designed to offset their COVID learning loss.

3. Enroll in a summer math program

Summer is always a great time to address your child's learning gaps and this is especially true this summer. A good summer math program will test your child to address gaps and design curriculum that meets their needs so they don't waste their summer studying content they already understand. Flexibility of schedule and ability to adapt instructional style to suit your child are other key features for a summer math program. Done well, your child may start summer math with a groan, but should end with renewed confidence ready to enter school in the fall.

Brock’s Academy is enrolling for summer.  They offer math associated instruction with gap assessments, customized curriculum, one-on-one instruction with flexible schedules and includes an in-home option or a blend of online, on site or in-home support. 

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