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With the latest addition of Rusty Pelican Cafe in the new Wooden Creek development, the Woodinville breakfast community is about to get a whole lot hungrier.  

The family-owned establishment is anticipated to open in May, although the project has been a work in progress for three years now. Johanna Limberopoulos owns and manages the upper scale breakfast restaurant alongside her parents, Peter and Marilyn. 

“We're just super excited to be at a new location and meet new people and, you know, to expand our wonderful restaurant,” Limberopoulos said. “When guests walk into the Rusty Pelican, we want them to be treated as if they're walking into our home.”

Peter Limberopoulos moved from Greece to the United States when he was just 16 years old and began working in a restaurant as a busser. He opened his first restaurant at the age of 24 with his brothers in Chicago. After 25 years there, he moved to the Seattle area in 2000.

He has been married to Marilyn for over 30 years. She also boasts a long career in the food industry, starting with work at 8 years old in her grandmother’s sweet shop. Marilyn now makes nearly all of the baked goods, plus pancake and waffle batters, for all Rusty Pelican restaurants.

In 2002, the couple opened the first Rusty Pelican in Seattle. The cafe moved to Edmonds in 2012, and launched a second location in Mill Creek in 2013. While the first two restaurants offer a coastal theme, Limberopoulos said, the new one is designed to be a little fancier. 

The idea to open a location in Woodinville began several years ago when a real estate agent from the Wooden Creek development called the Rusty Pelican in Mill Creek. According to Limberopoulos, the developer was searching for small independent businesses to fill the commercial level of the property. 

Keeping with the “vibe” of the Wooden Creek area, the restaurant includes a full-service bar with mimosas, bloody marys, and more. 

“The menu is going to be the same and the service is going to be the same,” she said. “But the atmosphere is going to be quite different. We went totally different on this one.”

Limberopoulos said the breakfast establishment will continue with pancakes, crepes, waffles and omelets for breakfast, in addition to numerous Benedict choices. 

The lunch menu includes salads, soup, burgers, sandwiches and other creations. 

Peter, now 71, still makes the soup and salad dressings from scratch. Marilyn also makes all the baked goods, coffee cakes and desserts as well. 

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