Veronica St Jane Dodds 092420

Veronica St Jane Dodds captured first place in the girls division of the Woodinville Skateboard Challenge. 

The 17th Annual Woodinville Skateboard Challenge organized by the Sisters in Action Sports (SAS) group was a bit out of the ordinary this year having taken place virtually instead of in person. But it was just as successful as the past 16 events held. 

"We were blown away with 36 submissions to the five divisions …10 and under, 11-15, 16-29, Girls and the new alumni division for 30 and older,” said SAS Director Pam Miller. “It was super fun to hold a COVID-19 friendly contest and get to share the oohs, ahhs, comments and cheers from the judges as each run was viewed, with several thousand watching it online.”

Lucy Ely

Lucy Ely, on the right, was the winner of the Best Mask category. She is pictured with Pam Miller, SAS director. Courtesy photo

Miller said SAS wanted to go ahead with the non-live version of the contest because too many events had been canceled due to the pandemic and it was affecting the spirit of the youth in the community.

“We wanted to give everyone something to find hope in and get excited about,” Miller said. “The city council and the Woodinville Rotary agreed, so the decision was made to just go virtual and allow the local skate community to show just how amazingly creative and talented they are.”

The entry fee and $1,000 in prize money were covered by a grant from the city of Woodinville. Each skater was required to provide a one-minute unedited video filming their best attempt of a trick at the Woodinville Rotary Skatepark.

They then had to submit that video to an online platform between Aug. 15 to Aug. 31 to be eligible for the prize money.  

“This was not an easy task as the park is often busy with activity,” Miller said. “On Sept. 4, we gathered four judges, one MC, and a camera crew to film the judging of all the clips. The session can be viewed at”

Below is a list of the winners in their age bracket and the prize money awarded:

10 and Under 

First Place: Rainsford Kim- $100

Second Place: Cameron Nichols-Rage- $50

Third Place: River Adams-prize bag

11 to 15

First Place: Axel Glenney-$100

Second Place: Skyler Kelly-$50

Third Place: Lucas Gerity-prize bag


First Place: Ivan Glenney-$100

Second Place: Zach Speakes-$50

Third Place: Dylan Hatch-prize bag


First Place: Douglas Bundy-$100

Second Place: Brian Glenney-$50

Third Place: Mark Mensalvas-prize bag

Girls Division

First Place: Veronica St Jane Dodds, $100

Second Place: Cassandra Bermudez, $50

Third Place: Lucy Ely, prize bag

Best Trick Over Car 

Zach Speaks, Kick Flip- $100 and a Gatorskin deck

Best Trick in Corner Bowl

Caden Smith, Nollie Big Double Heel Flip Disaster-$100 and a Gatorskin deck

Best Mask

Lucy Ely, handmade tie dye- $50

“The motivation to host the event was in support of the skateboarding community after the unsettling loss of two very talented, friendly, and loving guys over the past five months due to depression, which led to suicide,” Miller said. “Sean and Arzel will forever be in our hearts.”

Zach Speaks 092420

Zach Speaks, pictured with Sisters in Action Sports Director Pam Miller was awarded $100 and a Gatorskin deck for executing a Kick Flip in the Best Trick Over a Car category during the Woodinville Skateboard Challenge.

Miller said SAS wants everyone to know the group will always be there for people struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts. 

“There is help and you are not alone,” she said. “We encourage all to reach out and check on friends and to foster conversations about mental health. One outlet to call is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline; 1-800-273-8255.  

Caden Smith is donating $100 in prize money to Mental Health America. SAS is matching his gift.

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