Good Brewing - 062421

With its whole new espresso menu, the name Good Brewing now refers to more than just beer. 

The company celebrated the grand opening of its new coffee lounge at the taproom in Woodinville’s Hollywood District on Saturday, June 5. 

Owner Kevin King has been brewing this idea since he first started fermenting beer in his garage several years ago. During the pandemic, he said, he realized there weren't many places in town to sit down and relax with a cup of coffee.

“This is the perfect place for a coffee lounge,” King said. “Woodinville doesn't have one.”

He said the lounge offers fair-trade organic coffee, which comes freshly roasted from Dillanos Coffee Roasters in Kent, Wash. With help from the coffee retailer, King said, he hopes to develop a roast that is unique to Good Brewing.

“I drink coffee every morning,” he said, “so I really wanted good quality coffee.” 

King said he wants the company to use products that support local economies. For example, he said, his beer is made with grain from Skagit Valley. He wanted to make sure his coffee beans were also locally sourced.

The coffee lounge is open daily from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. with beer service starting at 10 a.m. Taproom hours will continue into the evening, according to the brewery’s website. 

“Everyone knows this place is a taproom, they don't automatically think coffee lounge,” King said. “But we are getting busier every day.” 

He said there are multiple coffee shops and drive-thru stands in town, but not a place to “relax and be yourself.” He wants to create an environment like his living room for people to “hangout and relax.”

“I want it to be their hub, you know, their place,” he said. “Our goal is for others to come and be themselves. We want to support our community.”

King, a resident of Woodinville for 32 years, spent several years on the city’s planning commission before launching the business. He seeks to constantly meet new people, develop relationships and network with people, he said.

King said he opened Good Brewing four years ago with the intention to focus on beer first and then eventually bring coffee into the mix. His first batch of beer was made with a homebrewing kit, he said, and the end result was horrible. 

After some time with a new system, he said, he was able to produce a good batch of beer. He opened a brewery in his garage before moving to the current brewpub location in northern Woodinville. However, he still brews all the beer in his garage at home, he said. 

King opened the taproom in the Hollywood District two years later. After six more months, he partnered with a local canine behaviorist Anastasia “Taz” Logan to launch the indoor dog park Ales and Tails near the original brewpub in December of last year. 

The brewery will soon offer a food truck as well, he said. Additionally, with pandemic restrictions easing, live music will pick back up on Saturdays at the taproom and coffee lounge. The taproom’s outside area features three fire pits and various games for guests to enjoy. 

King, who aims to sell his beer internationally one day, said the company is always looking for opportunity to grow. For now, he said, the brewer plans to open more taprooms across the state.

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