An eye for beauty and taste for adventure: Woodinville photographer recognized for artistic talent

Photos by Rebbecca Peterson

Rebbecca Peterson is the recipient of two Best of the Month Awards from the local Universe of Colour Photography Facebook Group for her magnificent pictures of a sunset on Shilshole Marina and sunrise at Ocean Shores.

The talented photog owns Rebbecca Peterson Photography in Woodinville. Her work has also been featured on KOMO 4, KING 5, KIRO 7, Q13 and KREM 2 in Spokane, and on local and international Facebook groups.

"I'm excited about the recognition," Peterson said. "Receiving the awards is an encouragement to let you know your work is at a quality level and to keep going with all that it takes to come up with a winning combination of knowledge, skill and artistic interpretation."

Rebbecca first discovered her artistic side as a teenager in high school.

“I was painting and drawing, working mainly in pencil and acrylic paints. I also took pictures with several styles of cameras during that time,” Rebbecca said. “After high school, I produced many drawings and paintings for custom orders. When my children came along that activity went on the back burner.”

It’s only been a few years now since she rekindled her talents focusing exclusively on photography.

An eye for beauty and taste for adventure: Woodinville photographer recognized for artistic talent

“I have really enjoyed learning the craft, traveling around Washington state and beyond, and recording all the beautiful scenes and subjects in those travels,” Rebbecca said. “I love nature and being outside, so it works well with photography.”

Rebbecca said she’s been fortunate to have found many incredibly talented photographers on Facebook and in photography groups locally and from around the world who have helped instruct and inspire her craft.

She has traveled to many destinations taking pics of whatever catches her interest but said she is in love with Washington state for the diverse landscapes.

“I love to just set out on a weekend adventure and see what I come up with by the end of the day,” Rebbecca said. “It's not always easy ... you have to be up early to catch sunrises, sometimes late for sunsets, and up during the night for astrophotography sometimes hiking or walking long distances to find the spot you want.”

Some of those photo opts have been a bit dicey, she said, when positioning for the best angle to capture the perfect shot.

“I've tripped on a slight rock sticking up in gravel during dusk and fallen flat on my face, caught my shoelace loop on a tree knot of a log I was stepping over and went flying, stood near the edge of Palouse Falls with my knees shaking, driven up steep roads in the mountains with straight down drop-offs,” Rebbecca said. “I’ve also felt the hair on the back of my neck raise when up in the woods along a river thinking that perhaps I was being watched by a cougar, and stood in gusting winds so strong on cliffs that I had to use both feet to get my car door open just to get out of the car.”

An eye for beauty and taste for adventure: Woodinville photographer recognized for artistic talent

Despite the peril, Rebbecca could never trade her profession for the safety of a boring desk job.

"I love the adventures, and meeting new people is part of the fun, but then there's definitely that creative component that satisfies my artistic side," she said. "Usually when I say to myself, ‘just one or two more pictures,' I end up taking a whole bunch more. There are so many beautiful things to see if you just take the time to look.”

Visit to see more of Rebbecca’s work or to order photographs in traditional frames and mats, acrylics, metal, and various items such as puzzles, mugs, pillows, greeting cards, phone covers, and other home decors.

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