Woodinville High School student launches podcast

“I have wanted to create a podcast for two years now but never had the chance,” Zayn said. “The quarantine we’ve been under because of COVID-19 has given me the added time that I needed to pursue this venture.”

The overall purpose of the podcast, Zayn said, is to “create a safe, positive space on the internet where people could go to escape the world and listen to a variety of teenagers, business professionals, and aspiring entrepreneurs discuss their goals, journeys, and adventures through life.”

“It was is also a channel for positive energy,” Zayn said. “One of the biggest things I wanted to promote was gratitude and realizing and expressing appreciation through multiple scenarios.”

His first episode highlighted some of his personal experiences and the pontification of constructing and designing an environment that blocked out negativity for people to take advantage of everything life has to offer and seize the opportunities in front of them.

"I hope to encourage people to go after things they never imagined and motivate them to reach new personal heights,” Zayn said. “Throughout everything, the biggest aspect of the podcast is for me to relate to the listener as much as possible and attempt to inspire them to go after endeavors and try new things as well."

His initial guests on the podcast included Woodinville High School incoming ASB president Tina Zhang, and the Help LLC team.

“Over the next couple weeks, I will be playing host to some locals that have had an impact on me as well as some content creators and YouTubers across the country,” Zayn said. “I think the release on May 26 came at the perfect time with everything going on around us. I hope 'Foundations gives listeners a moment to step away from our current ways of life and relax a bit.”

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