Every year during the holidays, food banks around Woodinville and the surrounding areas notice an increase in those needing essential items. One local business is partnering with the Maltby Food Bank to alleviate the added demand for food.

Westhill hopes to collect over 2,000 pounds of food for its seventh annual “TON” of Food Drive. As a new addition for this year, the business will match the weight of all items donated. 

“This time of year, the need for community help is huge,” said Kyleah Russell, marketing director at Westhill. “With the holidays right around the corner, [we do the food drive] to provide food for families who without the food bank’s help may not be able to celebrate their holiday.”

The food drive runs until Friday, Dec. 10. Donations can be delivered to the Westhill office, 12810 NE 178th Street – Suite 104, Woodinville. The office is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

By the second day of the food drive, Russell said, Westhill had already received 241.8 pounds in donations. As of Nov. 24, community members had donated 607.1 pounds of food. 

According to Westhill, some of the most needed items include warm blankets, aspirin, toothpaste, warm socks, gloves, baby diapers, canned foods, sugar, coffee, boxed meals and pet food.

Russell said the food drive collected about 2,162 pounds of items for the Woodinville Storehouse Food Bank last year.

“We have always been supporters and a drop-off location for Maltby Food bank,” Russell said in an email. “[We] noticed that during this time of year, especially our community is in more need for help with food.”

When the food drive began seven years ago, she said, staff members at Westhill reached out to clients and associates to see if they could help those in need. The overwhelming response from the community led to the continuation of the drive.

Maltby Food Bank is a nonprofit organization based in Maltby, Wash., which strives to help the community through advocacy and action. Westhill is a remodeling and custom home building company in Woodinville. 

Staff members request those entering the Westhill office to mask up. As a different option, those interested in donating can ship Amazon or Costco purchases to the office directly. The staff asks people to call the office at 425-483-0999 ahead of time before sending a delivery. 

To learn more about the food drive, visit westhillinc.com.

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