Woodinville-native Brady Engelbrecht, also known as Kopik in the music world, started out the new year with his release of a self-produced album called “Arterial Glow” on Jan. 1, 2021. 

The one-man band, who graduated from Woodinville High School in 2017, compares the experimental act of making music to the constant battle of winning and losing in video games. He said the record took nearly two years to complete.

“This album, for me, was a big step towards expressing myself and being vulnerable with everyone by writing a piece that I felt really satisfied that need,” he said.

The 13-track album features an array of instruments, all played by Engelbrecht himself. Having released an instrumental album in 2019 and several singles afterward, this was the first collection of music to feature his voice. An avid artist, he has designed all his album covers as well. 

He primarily focused on discovering and designing a style of music “to hone in on” through the creation of this album, Engelbrecht said. In singing, he added, he enjoys the ability to inspire and influence others with messages of positivity. 

While his friends were out doing other things, the musician noted, he was at home figuring out the “puzzle” of making music. He said the bigger step was learning how to record the instruments while also focusing on producing, mixing and mastering each song.

“I learned that if you put your mind to something, you can get pretty far,” he said. “It's not easy to play all these instruments as well as record them and learn sound engineering.”


Engelbrecht, now 22, said he started playing piano as a child before moving on to drums for a few years. But since the age of 10, the guitar became his instrument of choice. After that, he picked up bass and various other instruments with ease.

“I've been playing music my entire life,” he said. “I just had a drive to figure out how to play these instruments. And I started producing music within the past couple years as an artist.”

Using a program called the Digital Audio Workshop (DAW), Engelbrecht learned how to layer the audio from his instruments in order to create “a masterpiece of sound,” he said. From there, he was able to alter each track by utilizing tools within the program to boost certain frequencies.

“The goal is to get what's in your head out onto the computer and then into people's ears,” Engelbrecht said. “And it's hard to get those feelings into words. My challenge is to inspire people with certain things that they hadn't really thought of before.”

Engelbrecht enlisted the help of fellow WHS alumnus Jackson Cotugno to play saxophone in the songs “Pressure” and “Anecdote” on the new album. He said those were the only songs to feature an instrument other than his own.

With the help of some friends, he was able to film a music video in Woodinville for the song “Surface Tension” about six months ago. Engelbrecht said he loves the support from friends and members of the community right now, especially with the closure of venues around the area. 

His album "Arterial Glow" can be found under Kopik on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and Youtube. 

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